We're not here to sell you a bicycle.

Don't get us wrong. We're a business. We need to make a living, but you can sell anything in this world. We sell bikes because we believe in them. We believe in the the power and simple elegance of one of the best machines mankind has ever created. We believe in the positive potential of a bicycle to impact the world.

Bicycling can change your life. Sure, it can help you get fit, but a good bike ride can upgrade your mood, alter your perspective, show you a different side of the places you usually just pass through on your way to somewhere else. 

At City Cycles, we specialize in finding you just the right bike for whatever adventure you have planned. Road cycling. Mountain biking. Cruising about on a townie or crushing the brush on Fatbike. Or maybe you have something more custom in mind. Come see us and we'll take care of you.