The Copenhagen Wheel


So there's a bike in the shop with this big red pie pan looking thing in its back wheel. That thing is called a Copenhagen Wheel and it is a big shiny red disc of awesomeness. 

E-Bikes get a lot of ... grief? ... from the hardcore cycling community. I mean, the point of cycling isn't really to make it easier. The work is half the thing. But looking at e-bikes that way is a bit myopic. E-bikes, especially in cities, are going to change the world. 

Yeah, I know. Sounds like hyperbole, but imagine what a major city will look like when most of its landmass isn't tied up with cars and car-related nonsense. 

But I digress. What you need to know about the Copenhagen Wheel is that it makes riding a bike Fun with a capital F. Fun like when you were a kid and did something for the first time. One of those things that plasters a smile on your face immediately.

Here's how it works: You start pedaling (yes, you still have to pedal), then it starts helping you pedal. You know how it feels when someone gives you a push and you sort of zoom for a moment? It's just like that, only sustained. And to get it to stop, you just back pedal and it starts braking for you (and recharging the wheel).

It looks super simple, but it isn't. It has app connectivity. You can choose your level of boosting -- Turbo, Standard, Eco or Exercise. It has security features built in to make it theft averse. And when you order one, you get to customize it for your bike. You can get up to 30 miles on a single charge. It has bluetooth. 

I know what you're really thinking ... how fast? The Superpedestrian folks, manufacturers of the Copenhagen Wheel, say ... 25 mph. I may or may not have done that in the alley behind the shop. Things that make you say ... wheeeeee.

Come in and check this thing out. Bring your helmet. After you ride, you can start thinking about how you're going to change your morning commute. And yes, we're a dealer. We'll hook you up.