Roster Update

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Lori joins the City Cycles staff today, so we thought we'd do a Q&A as an intro. Citizens, meet Lori. She's a shop regular and has been since we opened. If you've been around, you've met her. And if you haven't, just you wait. 

How did you end up working at City Cycles?

It wasn’t a planned job. I was planning on retiring next February but Jake texted me out of the blue one day and said he needed help at the shop. I decided it was worth leaving early from a job of 33 years to take on another adventure.  

What’s been the one thing that’s had the biggest impact on your life?

It’s not a thing but a person.   My mom is the most determined person in my life. She has had health problems my whole life and I have stood in a hospital many times with a doctor telling me that she might not live much longer. However, she fights back every time and at 82 she is the healthiest she has been in years. I know that if she can do it – so can I!

Why do you ride bikes?

Originally I started because I thought it would help with my some memory for my right leg which was affected by a stroke. I started riding with the Divas and although there is the fitness benefit, I love the people I meet and get to be with.   

What other lesser exercise activities do you participate in?

Walking (until I can get back to running since my accident), swimming and kayaking (yes – I plan to go back to kayaking even though that’s how I broke my leg).  

Why do you exercise?

To live. Sounds simple, but I decided after my stroke in 2007 I had to get moving and never stop.  

How many bikes do you own and what are they?

I have my Kona beach bike (blue of course), a Focus, my Cannondale synapse and my Focus gravel bike.

What, other than riding bikes, so you do for fun?

Anything outside. I love watching baseball, but only in person and of course, OU football. I knit and crochet as well. 

What are you going to be doing at the shop?

Administrative stuff at first – ordering, point of sale, inventory, organizing, cleaning, etc.   Eventually I’m going to start training to do some bike stuff.

Why would you visit City Cycles?

Broken record here. The people. They are the best. A close second would be the knowledge that you can pick up from everyone there about bicycles.  

What else do we need to know? 

I’m a Scorpio. Seriously, people at my old job used to tell me when they first met me, they were scared or thought I was seriously bitchy. However, I just take a while to get to know people. Once I know you and trust you, I’m all in. I’m also seriously OCD. I’m the 5th of 6th children and the first girl after four boys in my family. My dad was a Baptist preacher (which also probably explains a lot). I went to Jenks schools for 2-12 grade just two blocks from the shop, so Jenks is home for me.