Roster Update - Wrench #2

Daniel joined the crew, and per protocol, I sat down with him at the picnic table (the inside one because hot outside) and put him through the wringer. And by wringer, I mean I asked him a bunch of random questions, and not the hard-hitting journalistic variety, either. We're talking slow pitches over the plate.

What you mostly need to know is that the dude loves bikes, has always ridden bikes and will probably always ride bikes. He's been working as a bike mechanic since 2007. And he will answer any bike question you have. If he doesn't know the answer, he will go find it. I know that because I watched him do it.

Anyway. Questions and answers.

Why bikes?

Bikes have always been an element in my life. I've always ridden them. When I got my first car, it just sat there and I still rode my bike. Whether it's riding or working on them, it's just therapy. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want with every experience. I always find what I'm looking for in a ride. Wrenching is an extension of that.

What's your favorite thing to fix on a bike?

Wheels. Everything is balanced in wheels. It's a network of parts directly working together, and little nuances make big differences. I enjoy working that way.

What's the worst thing you've had to fix? 

It's dangerous to say tri bikes, but the pitted, ruined carbon on a couple aero bikes I've seen were the worst. They get so much sweat and sports drink encrusted that nothing will come apart. I've had Di2 cables crusted into place and had to chisel everything out. And the smell that comes out of it ...

Number one bike maintenance tip?

If you love her, use lube. Also, wipe the extra lube off. 

What else are you into?

Coffee. My wife and I got into roasting coffee. She's been a barista for years.

Where are you from and why Tulsa?

I've been in Tulsa since 2006, but I'm from Tallahassee, Florida. As for Tulsa, I've moved away and come back. I like it. Having lived in bigger and smaller cities, it feels like a sweet spot. I miss the ocean, but not enough to make a change that big.

Are you training for anything?

The 2019 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. The last time I started training for it, I had to get my tonsils out and it threw off my training. And it's too late to start for this year. It's more of a party than a real race, but there's a claim to it. (For flavor on what Daniel's talking about, check this out.)

What's your favorite bike?

Well, a single speed cyclocross bike of any variety. My favorite bike I ever owned was a Kona Major One. It's the bike I did 200 miles in a day on. It's the bike I rode all through Texas when I went to ask my father-in-law for my wife's hand in marriage. It carried me flawlessly through many stupid winter trips. 

What can our City Cycles customers expect from you?

I'd like to instill confidence that they have another resource with another mechanic in the house.

And there you go, folks. Daniel's been on the job since last Monday. Drop in, shake his hand, get to know him and welcome him to the party. 

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