Tights Like a Tiger

Sure, it’s the off-season, but base miles don’t make themselves. It’s dark, it’s cold, but for the love of all that’s holy, you don’t want to ride your trainer … again. So you have to dress for the elements, and be safe doing so.

Which is where Endura’s Luminite Tights come in. Look at them in all their warm, reflective glory. Better still, from now until the end of the year, they’re 50% off in-store.



  • Ultra fast wicking Xtract fabric for fast-drying performance

  • Emblazoned with high visibility 360 degree reflective safety chevrons

  • Reflective piping on outer leg

  • Small zipped coin pocket

  • Easy pull on ankle cuff

  • Multi-purpose style ideal for cycling and running

Get some. And then get some more stuff so you can keep earning your Reward Bucks. Through Jan. 5, for every $100 you spend at the Shop, you earn $10 in Reward Dollars. It's basically like free money to spend at the Shop. Ask our friendly sales person for details!



What in the hell kind of name is Knog, anyway?

Two, probably almost three years ago, I bought a bunch of those Blackburn taillights for the bike. And by a bunch, I mean three. One for her, one for me, and one for whoever forgot theirs. Those lights were fine. They held charge for forever and generally did what they were told.

But they wore out, so last week, I found myself in the shop … shopping … for a new taillight and stumbled across all these Knog lights. There were all shapes and sizes, some for the front, some for the back.

I opted for the Blinder MOB V Mr Chips. 44 lumens, five different light modes (which suck the battery life at different speeds) … and sooooo bright. It’s so bloody bright, I think it might be a punishment to ride with it turned on during a group ride.

But hey, the cars aren’t going to miss it. And that’s the thing, right? No one wants to spend the whole winter on the trainer, which means hitting the trail or the road in the dark, and you need lights. Also, the fancy patterns the lights do make your bike look like a Cylon. Or K.I.T.T.

Anyway, here’s their snazzy marketing copy:

Blinder MOB V Mr Chips


By incorporating Chips On Board (COB) LED tech the USB rechargeable Mr Chips V bike light give off a superior glow with 120° visibility, making sure you are seen not just from the rear, but from the side too. With long runtimes and a lumen output of 44 lumens at the rear Mr Chips ensures you are well seen from at least 1.2 km away, day and night. Coming with 3x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap these lights between bikes with different sized seatposts – including aero seatposts.

Get some.


Cool Weather Gear. Cooler Sale.

Eventually, the weather’s going to change for the cooler and stay that way, and when it does, you’re going to want to be prepared. And by prepared, we don’t mean have a cozy place set up in your house or garage for your trainer.

Riding outside is something you can do pretty much all year in Oklahoma if you have the right apparel. With the right gear, you can ride comfortably when it’s 50, 40, even 35 outside. We draw the line at road riding when it’s lower than 35 cause that’s just crazay.

Fred already stocked up on Fall and Winter riding gear, and went so far as to gather together what you might need for a ride in a specific temperature range for a little show-and-tell.

45-65 degrees:   Merino Wool base layer, jersey, light jacket you can pack away, like an Ex-tract or Pack-a-jacket, knee warmers and feet booties

45-65 degrees: Merino Wool base layer, jersey, light jacket you can pack away, like an Ex-tract or Pack-a-jacket, knee warmers and feet booties

35-50 degrees:  Merino wool base layer, long sleeve jersey, cap, full-fingered gloves, pack-a-jacket, long riding pants or long bib shorts or cover pants over bike shorts, booties, wool socks

35-50 degrees: Merino wool base layer, long sleeve jersey, cap, full-fingered gloves, pack-a-jacket, long riding pants or long bib shorts or cover pants over bike shorts, booties, wool socks

35-flat:  Cap, Merino wool base layer, long sleeve jersey, athletic jacket, long bibs, full fingered gloves, neoprene booties, wool socks

35-flat: Cap, Merino wool base layer, long sleeve jersey, athletic jacket, long bibs, full fingered gloves, neoprene booties, wool socks

You’ll notice there’s a lot of Endura stuff in the above pics. Endura is a Scottish company founded in the ‘90s that sorta blew up and now they’re a global industry leader. Their gear is designed for European autumns and winters, and as such, is more than robust enough to handle what we get here in the States.

We carry Endura because it’s good stuff, and Fred believes in it. We did that blog about the Endura bib shorts awhile back. Since then, I’ve gotten a pair and hyperbole aside, they’re pretty magical. Easily the best bib shorts I’ve ever had.

I bring that, and all of this, up for a specific reason … This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’re having a little apparel sale. Fall and Winter gear is 15 percent off, and Summer gear, including those really awesome Endura FS260 Pro SL bibshorts, is on sale for 20 percent off.

Three days only, kids. Get in and get yours. We had a Fall gear preview last weekend after the Sunday Coffee ride. There was enough cool stuff to fill out a Christmas list for you or the cyclist in your family.

Come see us.

Bianchi Via Nirone Claris


Our ultimate mission is to get people out of their cars, off their butts, and onto bicycles. To achieve that goal, we’ve recently added a new arrow to our quiver of uncommon bicycles: The Bianchi Via Nirone Claris.

The Claris retails for $750, which is an outstanding price for a getting-into-the-sport road bike. Also, it’s a Bianchi, which is Italian for “sexy road bike.”

Well maybe it isn’t, but the fact is that it is a sexy road bike, and it is Italian.

Bianchi’s official marketing copy:

Back in 1885, the address of Eduardo Bianchi’s first workshop was 7 Via Nirone.

The Via Nirone is one of the original endurance race geometry bikes that pioneered this category over a decade ago. Riders seeking a quick and comfortable day in the saddle will find it aboard the Via Nirone. It utilizes our triple butted, hydroformed aluminum frame, as well as BAT (Bianchi Active Technology) to optimize the rider’s sitting and pedaling position on the bike.

Geometry shared with the Infinito allows you to steer confidently at speed, stay relaxed while riding faster and farther with more comfort. Endurance Racing bikes are performance road bikes made comfortable, not comfort-oriented road bikes.


MODEL Via Nirone 7 Claris


COLOR 1D - CK16 Celeste/Black Gloss

SIZES 46-50-53-55-57-59-61-63cm

FRAME Via Nirone 7 hydroformed aluminum

FORK Bianchi Aluminum


SHIFTER Shimano Claris 8sp

REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano Claris 8sp


CRANKSET Shimano RS200 50X34T



CASSETTE Shimano HG50 11-34T

BRAKE Tec alloy dual-pivot caliper

BRAKE LEVER Included w/shifters


FRONT HUB Formula RB-51

REAR HUB Formula RB-52

TIRE Vittoria Zaffiro 700x25c

HANDLEBAR Tec Obvius Flat Top Alloy

STEM Tec Alloy


SEATPOST Tec Alloy 31.6mm

SADDLE Tec Unicus

But wait, there’s more. We can also hook you up with a Via Nirone Sora, which wears a shiny black coat of paint and boasts upgraded components from the Claris for just a couple hundred more, which makes it also a great entry-level road/race bike. Same family, better parts.

Via Nirone Sora

Via Nirone Sora

Annnnnd we have the Impulso 105, which is yet another step up the Bianchi awesomeness scale. The Impulso runs about $1400

Impulso 105

Impulso 105

The Impulso is the workhorse of our Endurance Race family. It utilizes our proven K-VID (Kevlar Vibration Isolation Device) vibration damping technology in its carbon fork, UTSS (Ultra Thin Seat Stays), THT (Triple Hydroformed Technology), as well as BAT (Bianchi Active Technology) to optimize the rider’s sitting and pedaling position on the bike.

The Impulso aluminum tubing profile has been maximized to provide best-in-class rider comfort while providing steadfast acceleration from the oversized downtube and chainstays. The Impulso’s THT (triple hydroformed technology) top and aero head tube allows for stable, stiff and responsive turn-in when cornering switchback roads. THT allow us to make an aluminum frame that exceeds European testing breakage standards; 6 times that of the minimum requirement. The sculpted, UTSS rear portion of the bike reduces the amount of vibration that comes up into the rider’s seat. Geometry shared with the Infinito allows you to steer confidently at speed, stay relaxed while riding faster and farther with more comfort. Endurance Race models are performance road bikes made comfortable, not comfort-oriented road bikes.

They could go on, but … how about you just drop by the shop and ride one of these? Jake and Daniel will be happy to set it for you and let you take a test ride. We’re here all week, and half the weekend.

Hei Hei Race DL: Maybe the Perfect Oklahoma Off-Road Machine


Saturday, a group of us, a cast of shop regulars, road tripped to Hobbs State Park in Arkansas to do some mountain biking.

You know what happens when you go mountain biking in Arkansas in the summer? Not poison ivy. Not ticks. Chiggers. All the chiggers in the whole wide world, gnawing away at your ankles with the feverish intensity of zombies after brains. Never mind that you bathed yourself in DEET.

There should be a new word for the itchiness associated with those little bast … ahem. Where was I? Ah, yes. Mountain biking.

I saw an opportunity for the day-trip; normally, I roll a 2017 Kona Hei Hei AL 29er. Mine’s the bottom-end one with the aluminum frame. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but it has just the right amount of squish to give me good control over pretty much everything. At my advanced age, I don’t use it for flying dozens of feet into the air off of sweet jumps, so I can’t comment on its advanced aerodynamic capabilities.

I love my bike. It’s the first full-suspension bike I’ve ever owned, and I couldn’t be happier. … Well, mostly. I’ve been giving pretty serious consideration to sticking some 27.5s on it and seeing if that changes my center of gravity. Also, N+1.

The first thing I thought when I got word of the daytrip to Hobbs was … I should take the demo bike on that trip. I mean, my bike, but carbon.

So that’s what I did. 

Prior to leaving, I had no idea of the nuances between the two bikes. A Hei Hei is a Hei Hei, right? I just thought it’d be cool to go ripping around Hobbs on a carbon mountain bike. The experiences between the two were substantial.

Four little Konas all in a row ... 

Four little Konas all in a row ... 

The two bikes are spec’d for completely different activities. My bike is a beginner mountain bike, and there’s a lot of forgiveness in its ride, like a old horse for a new rider. The Hei Hei Race DL is a cross-country (XC) race bike. It’s a lot lighter, has less travel in the suspension, and less aggressive tread on the tires. The AL has a dropper-post for the saddle, the Race DL has a “performance remote” that locks the suspension out so you can climb better.

And boy, does that thing climb better. I could tear up hills much faster and with less effort than on my bike. Made me a little jealous, honestly. And then there was the fact that the Race DL was sporting the 12-speed SRAM Eagle set-up. So much torque.

The Race DL is versatile bike. It could handily double as a gravel bike right out of the box giving you essentially two bikes in one. The treads are perfect for gravel roads, the Eagle would have you flying up those ungraded backcountry hills, and the weight is more than comparable to a gravel bike (Ryan told me the Race DL drops in at just over 22 pounds).

But that’s not all it does. It is a mountain bike, and it performed admirably in Arkansas. As is the case with my own bike, the Hei Hei Race DL is way better at mountain biking than I am. In fact, it seems like it would be perfect for the Enduro race they’re cooking up for Beta Tough in October.

I have yet to surrender the bike back to the shop, but will probably do so tomorrow. Why is that important to you? Because this is the shop demo bike, and it’s currently on sale for 30 percent off. Size M.

You know you wanna.

Sure, the title is a bit of hyperbole. Call it clickbait. Whatever. Come ride the bike.

When you forget your coozies, you make do with what you have.

When you forget your coozies, you make do with what you have.

Bag Fetish: Outer Shell Adventure

outershell 2.jpg

I have a thing about bags. Pretty sure Jake does, too. Well, I know he does, which is why we carry a limited selection of Outer Shell Adventure bags, among others.

I believe the ones we have on the shelf are the Drawcord Handlebar Bag, and they are swoon-worthy. 

The Drawcord Handlebar Bag can fit up to six 12 oz. cans! Or carry food, extra layers and a camera for day rides. For longer trips, strap on a sleeping bag using a removable plastic harness (sold separately). The Unique Drawcord Lock closure means easy one-handed access. The top flap automatically flips closed when the cord is pulled and the whole bag is lined with waterproof X-Pac!

*Requires 5” clearance from center of handlebars to top of tire

Standard Features

  • 8" x 4" x 5" (3.5" expandable drawcord section)
  • Unique Drawcord Lock system (opens and closes with one hand while riding)
  • Semi-rigid plastic frame
  • Inside pocket (zippered closure)
  • Outside pockets (3-sided exterior sleeves fits phone, gloves or snacks) 
  • D-Ring attachments for shoulder strap
  • Storm flap lid (automatically flips closed)
  • Shock cord on lid hooks around stem or headset (adjustable) - *quill stems work too! 
  • Head Tube/Steerer Tube attachment
  • PU coated Cordura main fabric
  • White X-Pac liner in main compartment and lid (weatherproof)
  • Fits virtually any bike 

The point of these bad boys is to not have to stuff your pockets full on a gravel ride or your commute to work. 

We have a pretty good selection on the shelf (including a limited edition one made from some crazy cosmic print), and can get other sizes, colors and models if you want. Come in, check 'em out. 

outershell 1.jpg

Magic Endura FS260 Pro SL Bibshorts


Fred's been on me to post about these bad boys for at least a month. He says they're "amazing" and "the best bib shorts he's ever had." Allow us to introduce you to the Endura FS260 Pro SL Bibshorts.

They incorporate some fancy new chamois pad that you buy to match your saddle, which makes your ride more comfortable and you less look like you're wearing a diaper whilst riding your bike. 

I tend to believe my shop owner when he tells me something is amazing. He's been riding a lot longer than I have and in much better shape than me.

When you come to the shop to try these guys out (and you will, because let's be honest, comfortable bib shorts are one of the best cycling investments you can make), head toward the back by the helmets and shoes. There's a black tower full of these bad boys. If you don't know what your seat is, find out, write it and its size down, and bring that info with you. 

And because I believe in working smarter, not harder, here's the fancy marketing copy from Endura about the bibs: 



The Pro SL II Bib Short incorporates our award-winning and patent protected multi-width pad fit system. Endura were first to market with this concept and this product immediately became a best-seller. This garment has been tried and tested in the cut and thrust* of World Tour’s hottest races, in both a men’s and women’s variants, by our Pro Teams Movistar and Cervélo Bigla.


This bib short boasts our exclusive 700 series pad, engineered using computer cut “Continuously Variable Profile” (CVP) process which delivers a stretch pad with antibacterial finish and available in 3 pad width options. There is an option of three pad widths - you're unsure over which size to choose, you can use our Pad Fitting Tool to match your saddle to the right pad.


We only use the highest quality Italian power Lycra® fabric for reassuring support. The fabric is finished with Coldblack® technology which dramatically reduces heat build-up and provides UPF50. Read about our fabrics.


A discrete rear laser-cut pocket sits on the centre back of the garment for stowing gels and small devices. To eliminate any chafing and bulk the hems are finished with a raw edge power band which has a grippy inner silicone print. Low bulk Y-form binding is also used on the mesh upper.


This Bib Short is in a pre-curved race fit, offering support and comfort to most rider heights.

* "cut and thrust?" what the? 

2018 Focus Izalco Race

8088_fo0030005v2018_2018_28_di_grey_090_pro_izalco-race-105-eco-frame-c2 (1).png

Focus basically did away with that Cayo business and embraced the Izalco. Previously, I think the Cayo was more of their touring bike, the Izalco line more about go-fast. I'm not sure there was actually that much difference in the geometry between the two. 

In any case, I rode an Izalco Max and it melted my brains a bit. It was sort of like renting a really expensive sports car for the weekend, then having to go back to your beater on Monday. I shouldn't have done it, and my current bike isn't even a beater.

What's relevant to you is that the Izalco Race is a full-carbon bike you can get for less than $2k (before taxes). It straddles the line between a fondo bike and race bike, which means when you want to get out of your saddle and sprint the last 200 meters to your cooler of beer, it's going to be snappy and responsive, and you'll have energy left because it didn't beat you up the previous 45 miles.

The other thing you need to know is that we have a run of these on the shop floor, which means you can take some of this sweet German-engineered carbon home with you as early as ... today.

Bring your helmet. Bring your shoes. Come ride one. We're here all week.



FRAME: Carbon SL, caliper, Pressfit 86 BB, 130 mm quick release dropouts, Di2 ready, internal brake cable routing

FORK: Carbon, caliper, 100 mm quick release

HANDLEBAR: BBB Basic, Aluminium, drop: 125 mm, reach: 70mm

SADDLE: Prologo Kappa 3 STN Rail

SEATPOST: BBB Basic, Aluminium, 27,2mm, 350mm, set-back 20mm

STEM: BBB Basic, aluminium, 31.8mm, +/- 7 degree

TIRE: Continental Ultra Sport II, 700 x 25C, Folding

SHIFTERS: Shimano 105 5800

BRAKES: Shimano 105 5800, caliper



CRANKSET: Shimano 105 5800, 50/34T

REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano 105 5800, 11-speed, short cage

SHIFTING TYPE: Mechanical shifting

CASSETTE: Shimano 105 5800, 11-28T

WHEELSET: Shimano WH-RS010, quick release, aluminium, 100/130 mm, 20/24 spokes, 17 mm inner rim width