What in the hell kind of name is Knog, anyway?

Two, probably almost three years ago, I bought a bunch of those Blackburn taillights for the bike. And by a bunch, I mean three. One for her, one for me, and one for whoever forgot theirs. Those lights were fine. They held charge for forever and generally did what they were told.

But they wore out, so last week, I found myself in the shop … shopping … for a new taillight and stumbled across all these Knog lights. There were all shapes and sizes, some for the front, some for the back.

I opted for the Blinder MOB V Mr Chips. 44 lumens, five different light modes (which suck the battery life at different speeds) … and sooooo bright. It’s so bloody bright, I think it might be a punishment to ride with it turned on during a group ride.

But hey, the cars aren’t going to miss it. And that’s the thing, right? No one wants to spend the whole winter on the trainer, which means hitting the trail or the road in the dark, and you need lights. Also, the fancy patterns the lights do make your bike look like a Cylon. Or K.I.T.T.

Anyway, here’s their snazzy marketing copy:

Blinder MOB V Mr Chips


By incorporating Chips On Board (COB) LED tech the USB rechargeable Mr Chips V bike light give off a superior glow with 120° visibility, making sure you are seen not just from the rear, but from the side too. With long runtimes and a lumen output of 44 lumens at the rear Mr Chips ensures you are well seen from at least 1.2 km away, day and night. Coming with 3x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap these lights between bikes with different sized seatposts – including aero seatposts.

Get some.