Keep Laufing

We have a lot of gravel enthusiasts who visit the shop ... by design. We love riding gravel. The lack of cars, the feeling of freedom, the scenic views. About the only thing we don't love about gravel is the vibration.

Steel and carbon are good for dampening the bone rattling, but there's also ... The Grit from Lauf. Looking at it makes me think of Han Solo showing Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars ... "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."

Lauf forks look weird. But they are wily. They have an instant, undeniable effect on your ride. The same week we became a Lauf dealer, one of our shop regulars bought the first fork we had in stock, and stuck it on her Ti gravel bike. She had this to say:


#monstertruck got just a tad bit of an upgrade for its adventure up to Kansas to chew up some gravel. #laufforks #citycyclesok #pandemoniumcycling

EDIT: And by ‘tad bit of an upgrade,’ I mean amazing! This fork is super rad. 68+ miles of pavement, gravel, wind and sand today and I don’t feel nearly as beat up as I would have using my regular carbon fork. Go check these out at City Cycles, gravel people. You’ll be glad you did.

That was completely unsolicited, mind you. We did not pay her. Or bribe. Riding one of these things will convince you better than my words ever will. But ... I'll give you one last thing. Here's a vid from Lauf on their fork technology. Watch and learn, then ... come test ride.

We'll see you soon.